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Happy teddy bear day my sweetheart. I love you a lot and you are my favourite teddy my love

Love, you are not fat, you are just chubby and cute and after meeting you, I am in love with teddies more than dolls. Happy Teddy Day

Teddy will never leave you alone it will always be with you matter what. Happy teddy day

You are soft and cute as a teddy On the teddy day, I wanna hug you tight and give you a kiss. Happy teddy day my dear

Whenever you miss me, just hold this teddy bear for comfort. Happy Teddy Day

I wish my teddy bear will always be happy and merry all through life I wish to be with you till my last breath. Happy teddy day my dear

Love Teddy Day Images

Teddy will never leave you alone no matter what. So do I Happy teddy day

To the cutest teddy I know I love you a lot and I am missing your bear hugs right now. Happy Teddy Day

May the warmth of love always be with you, and here I am sending you the teddy to keep you warm with love. Happy Teddy Day

Give a hug to this softest teddy, when I’m not there When you are with me, you will never miss my teddy

This teddy will always remind you of our love and fun filled days You have given me your warmth and love to keep me sane and happy. Happy teddy day

Hope the teddy bear I am sending makes you smile, in your low moments. Happy teddy day my love

Teddy Day Images For GF

On this Teddy Bear Day, accept this message as my promise to be your cuddly bear for lifetime with unlimited supply of hugs and kisses. Happy Teddy Day My Love

Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love I m ur Teddy with a big heart. Happy Teddy Day

This teddy is me gifting you a part of me for you to hold and keep. Happy Teddy Day

The warmness of your hug reminds me of my childhood love for teddy. Happy Teddy Day My Love

Sending this teddy to make you feel the warmth of my love whenever I’m not around. Happy Teddy Day, sweetheart

Teddies are just another reason, just another way to say I care and I will be there forever. Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day Images Wishes

How I can forget to wish you my wife happy teddy bear day as you are cutest girl in my life. Happy Teddy Day

Teddy is never an outdated gift for any generation, be it childhood or adult it goes for every age. Happy teddy day dear

A cute teddy for the love of my life. Happy Teddy Day my dear lovely

Like your teddy, I want you to hug me tight and spend with me all your nights. Happy teddy day

Teddy is never an outdated gift, just like my love for you. Happy Teddy Day

On the teddy day, I wish you lots of love. Have a great time to celebrate. Happy teddy day sweetheart

Best Teddy Day Images With Quotes

Teddy can never be passé for any generation. Happy Teddy Day

The love of a best friend is just akin to a teddy Soft, kind, and huggable. Happy Teddy Day

Dear Love, if you were the teddy, I know that you will be the cutest one for sure. Happy Teddy Day

Happy teddy day to my soft, sweet and cute teddy. You are cuter than the cutest teddy ever

Happy teddy day my free hug dealer Hope, I also get some of your hugs soon, hubby

I don’t want to gift you a teddy toy as I will rather gift myself to you as I am your forever teddy. Happy teddy day

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