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Please, Allah, forgive our sins May all of my family members have a blessed Shab e Barat

Allah, this is a special prayer, make everything beautiful for me and my family. Shab e Barat Mubarak to all

Ya Allah, Main Tujhse Mangta Hun, Aisi Maafi Jiske Baad Gunah Na Ho, Aisi Sehat Jiske Baad Bimari Na Ho, Aisi Raza Jiske Baad Koi Narazgi Na Ho Aameen

Allah, you have given me a beautiful life and a blessed night, please make my future bright. Happy Shab e Barat

Wishing a very Happy Shab-E-Barat to everyone. Let us celebrate this holy night by praying to Allah

May your prayers of Shab-e-Barat be accepted by Almighty Allah and your heart is full filled with a lot of good deeds

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On this night of blessings, I take the time to request forgiveness for all of my friends and family members. O Allah, please forgive us

Shab-E-Barat Mubarak to all my friends and family members and please remember me in your prayers

If you can forgive yourself, then you can forgive everyone This is the best gift that you can give to yourself this Shab e Barat

Today is a night of forgiveness Find it deep in your heart to forgive all the people that have wronged you in one way or the other. Shab e Barat

On this night of forgiveness, take time to figure out all the people who wronged you intentionally and unintentionally Remember them in your prayers and forgive them

Warm wishes on Shab-E-Barat to everyone. On this holy night, let us seek forgiveness for our wrong deeds from Allah by offering him prayers

Happy Shab E Barat Images

May this Shab-e-Barat, Allah bless you with more good than lasts and make your heart full with knowledge of deen

I am taking this opportunity to ask you for forgiveness Please forgive me for everything that I have done to you by mistake or intentionally

Hawa ko khushbu Fiza ko mausum Chaman ko gul mubarak Aapko humari taraf se Shab-e-Barat mubarak

I wish you a special night, please remember me in your prayers. Happy Shab-e-Barat to all

May He accept all your prayers and bless you with tons of happiness. Happy Shab e Barat

Extending warm greetings on the occasion of Shab e Barat to you. Let us seek forgiveness and salvation from Allah on this special day

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Let’s pray for the forgiveness of Night and ask almighty Allah, the creator, to forgive our sins and make ourselves pure. Shab e Barat

On this Shab e Barat, I take the opportunity to prove myself to be a good person and ask for forgiveness from all the people that I have wronged previously

Tonight it is the night of the highest, remember me in your prayers. Shab e Barat Mubarak

Happy Shab-E-Barat Mubarak to all. Let us take the opportunity to express our apologies for our wrong actions and seek forgiveness from Almighty

Agar mujh se koi ghalti ho gai ho toh plz dil se maaf kr dena. Shab e Barat Mubarak

Best Shab E Barat Images With Quotes

Tonight is the night of the highest, remember me and my family in your prayers. Shab e Barat Mubarak

My dear friends and family, please forgive me if I hurt you in my life, either directly or indirectly. Shab e Barat Mubarak to all

On this night of Shab-E-Barat, remember mistakes are forgiven, only if you get the courage to admit them

This Shab-E-Barat, may our names be written in the list of people who are offered forgiveness. Ameen

I pray to Allah to forgive us and our sins and always guide us through our lives. Shab e Barat Mubarak to you and your family

May this Shab-e-Barat mercy, blessing, benefit, pardon and forgiveness descend upon the people of the earth

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