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Happy Birthday Twins Images

Being a twin parent means never leaving

the house again without looking like you are literally moving

Parenting twins means that you have created your very

own little army that will spend the next 18 years revolting against you.

While twin parents pray for silence all day long,

there is nothing more frightening than the moment the sounds cease.

Only then do you know those twins are up to no good.

I grew two humans at once. That’s my superpower.

Having another person know your every

thought can be a real gift and a real curse

Happy Birthday Twins Status

Having a twin means always having someone to blame.

one of us and it will be both you have to deal with.

At least we will never forget each other’s birthdays

Sometimes miracles come in pairs.

Being a twin is like being born with a best friend

After raising twins, you get organized
They’re not just sisters and twins.

Twice the love, twice the win.

You hit the double jackpot when you have twins.

Because I have my twin, I have everything.

We are two beautiful flowers that grew on the same stem.

Happy Birthday Twins Dp

My twin, you are a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear.

Because I have you, there is no sadness or fear.

Definition of twin: two bodies, one heart.

Twins are double the work and double the joy.

Twins are a wish that came true twice

Best of luck to the first person who tries to date one of us.

Twins. God’s way of saying “One of you is a rough draft.

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins

If I ever had twins, I’d use one for parts.

I’m the good twin, so you know what that makes the other one”

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